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Crydal-chan's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Crydal-chan's LiveJournal:

Saturday, April 28th, 2001
11:12 am
I'm mad at Night! He said I run around in little circles acting like an airplane! That's not true!!! (its called a jet anyway)
Also i went to the mall with Dawndark and we kept forgetting our wallets so we ending up putting all of my money in her wallet BADD IDEA!

I still haven't gotten my money back. Oh well... and maybe i'll lay off hanging out with Night since he HATES me so much.
Tuesday, April 10th, 2001
9:53 pm
Dawndark and Nightstar went on a double date with Gyzzdark and me last night! It was fun... but for some reason I saw Goldark a few times throughout the movie. I wonder wy he was there? Oh well, thats goldark for you! gyzzdark was really sweet, he even bought the popcorn this time! hehe!
Thursday, April 5th, 2001
8:53 pm
He he, Dawndark told me that Nightsky asked her out at the library! She did not tell me much so i'm going to ask her more later today. I know i'm not a night person, i only get online in morning mostly
Wednesday, April 4th, 2001
3:06 pm
Wow I read Nightstar's Live Journal , he has one too. and he said he likes Dawndark! Is that funny or what? Well they two are just friends rigfht now so maybe nothnig will happen between them. Also... yesterday i broke up with Gyzzdark because he was being rude and he was in a bad mood and I couldn't stand it any longer. I said im not going to see him until he gets over Goldark's relationship with Baka and I think that is soon because Baka broke it off with Goldark. I hope Gyzzdark calls me to say sorry and that he will stop being so self centered! He should have been happy for goldark... well kind of
Sunday, April 1st, 2001
6:53 pm
Me and Gyzzdark got into an argument. It was about college and how I didn't want him to go, but later I realized it was his decision so I called him to say I was sorry. I just read Dawndark's live journal and she said
{quote from Dawndark's journal} Their conversation got kinda fruity after a little while too {/quote}
Hey! that was not fully true, well.. maybe
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001
3:35 pm
I'm on early today huh?
Yesterday the Goldark/Baka relationship spread throughout our school, i think it was goldark or Gyzzdark that told every one. Dawndark drew a picture of Gyzzdark and she is going to put it up sometime. Bye for now
Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
3:47 pm
Hi everybody!
today I got a new name for aol instant messenger (the free kind that any body can get). It is crydalchan. It is my own this time. do not forget email adress is Crydal@asianwired.net
Monday, March 26th, 2001
8:04 pm
I didn't post lot last few days because, well, nothing much happened. Today though, Dawndark and I ran into another Goldark/Baka scene.
Goldark: Kakura I have to confess something, that I'm gay, and I'm in love with you...
Baka: oh my god, same here...
Goldark: I knew it! we're perfect for each other
This next part is sickening but they started passionately kissing!! We ran off to tell Gyzzdark; he deserves to know
Tuesday, March 20th, 2001
3:39 pm
today when Gyzzdark and I were walking home from school we saw Goldark and Baka (yet again!) across the street talking in an allyway. I was thinking, why are they in such a deserted place just to talk!. So i went behind them, telling Gyzzdark to keep quiet and he just understood.
Baka: so wen are we getting back at those cheaters!
Goldark: stop being such a moron Kakura (--Note: So that's Baka's real name!--)
Baka: so what were we doing again!!!
Goldark: keep it down! getting back at those three for insulting us and for cheating!
Baka: okay, i've got a plan...
okay this really stinks because i had an alarm watch and it started beeping so me and Gyzzdark ran really fast in the other direction and they were confused but I think they didn't see us, so that's okay. For another day Goldark and baka, another day...
Monday, March 19th, 2001
4:33 pm
on Saturday me and Gyzzdark went the concert! he drove me in his car and we talked about what we like to do and stuff. the concert was really cool, and the music was good too!! He's really funny and during it we were throwing chips at random people until one guy got mad and threw a chair at us and we ducked and no one really noticed since it was all noisy there anyway. :-) it was too loud there so we left after a bit and sat in his car, just to talk. nothing happened. ;-)
{quote from Gyzzdark's journal} (dang!) {/quote}
Heh, maybe another time. you never know!
Oh yeah, abot Baka and goldark!
I went over to Dawndark's house and we asked Goldark about my he was hanging out with BAKA, of all people!! He said, I quote, "we're just friends, what's so wrong about that" Dawndark practically fainted. It's not like Goldark to suddenly make friends with our worst enemy! You know if they are best friends, our lives = living HELL! Something's going on. we'll find out even if it means snooping...
Friday, March 16th, 2001
8:39 pm
You won't believe what happned! dawndark and I were going to her house and who should be see but Goldark and BAKA! I'm about to yell over to them but Dawndark stops me
Dawndark: Wait, lets see whats going on first.
me: um, OK
Goldark: so want to play basketball again sometime?
(i am about to burst out laughing at that time)
Baka: um...... okayyyy
Goldark: but not with Gyzzdark, hes not very good at basketball
Baka: Yeahhhh thats why we lost so bad... also because they cheated
Goldark: i already told you, they didn't cheat
Baka: want to play video games at my house
Goldark: sure

Odd huh? we are going to ask what's up with Goldark when he gets back. something's going on...
3:02 pm
Whoo, just got back from a game of basketball with Gyzzdark, Goldark and Dawndark. Well that's who were playing until BAKA CAME! Me and Dawndark were on a team and we were winning so much (around 100 points to less than 10) against Baka and Gyzzdark. Baka stinks at basketball! He messedd up so many times then very late in the game Gyzzdark started not even passing it to Baka and then he scored about 5 points. then everyone was mad about "cheating" and stuf. that wasn't that fun when Baka showed up he ruins everything
12:50 pm
I asked Gyzzdark if he wanted to go with me to Aikawa Nanase's concert, and he said yes! It's this weekend. I'm so happy!!
9:57 am
Look I have a picture now! So kawaii!
Thursday, March 15th, 2001
8:49 pm
Maybe I'll ask Gyzzdark out this weekend. Hehe. I'll ask Dawndark if she's okay with that.
5:37 pm
{quote from dawndark's livejournal}In a few minutes he literly walked up to my brother and begged him for the following- Forgiveness, redemption, and my hand inn marraige??!!! {/quote}
Funny huh? Oh well, think she'll marry Baka? Well, lets just say Baka is .. the boi from hell.
No one would talk to him if they didn't have to. Also in Gyzzdark's LiveJournal (yes he has one now) he said he liked me! How sweet
Wednesday, March 14th, 2001
3:50 pm
you know Baka? we tried to kill him today. Yes literally. he got severely hurt >:)
I'm at Dawndark's house right now. I'll tell more later. she says Gyzzdark likes me

oops Goldark just read that over my shoulder! hahaha ok, i will tell about Baka later
Tuesday, March 13th, 2001
9:13 pm
live journal is fun. I think i will try to update it when i have spare time. today at school there is a kid we call Baka and heeres what we said (in japanese but i will translate)
me: thats not fair we have another exam
dawndark: i know i want to kill our teacher
baka (eavsdropping as usual): i am going to tell him you said that and you will be in big trouble!
me: **** off baka.
dawndark: stop being stupid baka you know what i mean
baka: i won't tell if you do my homework for a year!
dawndarK: no way
(then he starts following us home to my house)
me: go away baka.
baka: no and stop calling me that you know my name
me: do i?
baka: yes! stoppppp thatttttt
(yes he is that annoying)
oops gotta go, rest lter!
8:54 pm
Hi this is Crydal-chan here. I just found out about live journal from Dawndark Fandaria, my friend. today in school Dawndark didn't turn in a project thing worth a lot and i told her to get her act together if she wants to pass. Also after school i went over to help her with her homework but she convinced me to play video games with her for a while. It was hard so we gave up after a little bit. Dawndark's brothers were annyong us the whole time. They were wrestling and one time Goldark flew into me and I dropped the controller and fell on the console and it reset! curse him
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